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Hostel Life at TGIS

We provide best infrastructure and amenities and a safe environment for student's to grow.

Hostel facility is available only for girls. Our Hostel is truly a model for nurturing a sound body and steady mind. It is self sufficient in all respect and geared to take care of every need of the student. 

Hostel Life: Student Life


Girl in Class

Tuition Classes

Apart from the school curriculum we provide Tuition classes of Maths, Science and English to our hostlers for their better understanding.

Chess Game

One Hour Game Session

Hostlers have one hour session of games of their own choice everyday. Currently we have games like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Chess in our school. Out of those few games are being coached by professionals.


Hostel Canteen

The Hostel canteen caters to more than 150 students a day. Students are served well balanced, nutritional and vegetarian diet.


Dance & Music Classes

We also have dance & music classes for hostlers after school hours which are also being taught by the professionals.

Hostel Life: Staff
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