Hostel Life at TGIS


Gurukul Its enjoy each day here, amidst the beautiful, pure and serene campus. They are feeling themselves at home – A Home away from Home. The school bursts into life at around 6:00 AM when boarders wake up for their daily grinding schedule. Fuelled with a good dose of nutritious breakfast, the students   get ready to face the day ahead with vigour and concentration. The day unfolds in quick mode with regular lessons, lunch followed by activities, sports, preparatory/ Guided study hour classes and ends with an extremely rewarding dinner. Once back on the bed, students fondly recollect the day gone by and mentally plan themselves for the next morning. And then sleep takes hold. 9:30 PM is the official time for the Lights Off.


Daily Schedule of Hostel Students

Boarding Details

Hostel – A Home Away from Home


A home is a place, where we feel cozy, comfortable and are close to our parents and friends. Students at, The Gurukul International School, feel themselves at home. The Teachers, peer groups are helping in the growth of each other. We celebrate festivals, have fun, play together, study in pair groups. Students learn sharing and caring when they are contributing in the growth of their buddies.

Dining together, ‘Family Style’

A family that eats together, stays together, Students have meals with their friends and teachers and are served with quality home style, hygienic, nutritious Vegetarian Indian meals are served.

While eating together, we take care that they are learning the basic table etiquettes. Students eat together under the supervision of the Hostel staff. They are served with their favorite delicacies on Birthdays and festivals.


World-class Recreational Facilities

Students attend their favorite Music, Dance, Art, and other recreational classes under the supervision of Experts. They are encouraged to participate in School Choir, Devotional, Patriotic and Theme based singing and Dance activities, together they create the Masterpieces in the Art room.

The well-equipped Medical and Health Centre

The hostel runs a Health Centre under the supervision of a team of doctors for providing facilities of medical check-up and treatment to resident students along with qualified nurses who are in attendance 24 hours a day.

School mobile app

To keep its leadership position, and to address the ever-growing challenges in the field of education The Gurukul International   School, Nalagarh has a mobile application to achieve our goal and supply a robust platform for collaboration between Parents, Teachers, and Students. In contemporary world, communiqué is the key to build strong and long-lasting relationship

Key Features

Bridge the gap between parents and teachers to reduce response time for queries. This easy and simple to use system is available 24X7 on phone.


Online Notice board, Announcements and Leave management with notification / alert about approval / rejection.


Online Fee Payment for easy payment of fees.


Online examination results for parents and students to help in understanding and improving performance of the students.


School transport tracking mechanism


Available on Apple (iOS), Android phones and web (Internet).


Real-time Notifications: Parents will receive notifications about their child’s attendance, homework and assignments, upcoming events, and other urgent information immediately on their phones.


Dynamic Photo Gallery and Video Gallery by each event, instant updation and information to the concerned parents.



Birthday Parties 

It is an important day for students of all age groups, we make the day special, we celebrate the Birthdays once in a month on the last day of every month. We prepare some sweet dish, their favorite meal too.  

Students cut the cake, parents too can send the cakes to the school, are allowed to distribute just sweets, no expensive gifts are allowed.  


Parent’s Visits 

Every student needs time to settle down in the Hostel environment, so parents are not allowed to visit the children for at least four weeks after Admission.  

 parents/guardians are permitted to visit their children and take them out as per the rules of the school. No parent will be permitted to meet the children on any other day as this disturbs the daily routine and smooth functioning of the school. Parents may make a call to the Hostel Warden, the Principal, the Coordinator, and   Teacher and inquire about their child at the given schedule. 

Mother and Son